Welcome: A Transient’s Perspective On The Past and Present

Hi!  I’m Gary Heilbronn.  Welcome to my Blog.  …….

What I talk about … at least most of the time, is  the sorts of issues that are taking my fancy or bothering me at the time!   Hopefully some might interest or entertain you too.   Occasionally,  I probably won’t be able to help myself  mentioning my writing projects, especially the fiction ones … (“Recent Posts” listed to the right  .. or  ..  “All Posts”  just above)  By the way, I’m not as sour as I look in this photo!


I may also to talk about other stuff, some of it that comes up when I’m “putting pen to paper”. I’m now  writing a memoir on the fifties and dogs and how we don’t always treat them as well as they treat us.   But I better warn you: that’s not all! Sometimes I expect that I won’t be able to avoid saying something about other writing activities – researching and writing new editions etc of books I wrote during my academic and professional career as a lawyer and professor (click on “Non-Fiction” just above).    … Amongst them are some books I’ve written on aviation and litigation and criminal trials and how they work.  So I may occasionally feel the need to talk about crime and punishment, criminology, justice, politics, social and economic issues which I believe are usually closely inter-connected.   

Of course, I’m happy to hear sensible comments, jokes and other funny stories and even constructive advice!  I’ll try to reply!
If you’d like to follow this blog, click on the “Sign up by email” or “RSS” box or perhaps my comments on Twitter @GaryHeilbronn.I will only be posting on this blog every week or so.  So hopefully you’ll not feel that you’re hearing too much from me.


7 thoughts on “Welcome: A Transient’s Perspective On The Past and Present

  1. Thank you so much Taylor for your kind words and thoughts. I’ll try to comply with the requirements set out. Some are easy, like answering the questions. The nominating of ten other appropriate bloggers may take me a litle longer.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Forgive me for making contact in this way. I don’t know how to otherwise. Let me introduce myself. We have a common friend – one Brigitte Anderssen, actress in Paris, like you all the way from Queensland. My mother (Louise Gibson from Bundaberg) was her grandmother’s cousin, also all the way from Queensland. She married an Englishman, but I was brought up in Sydney where I worked with Clem Semmler in the ABC on his Banjo Patterson books and had the brilliant Peter Couchman (TV guru) for a boyfriend before I decided to make my way back to Europe. These names I mention because you may be familiar with them. We are of a similar age. My home is Madrid and has been, with breaks, for the past 45 years. Now a retired translator I dedicate much of my spare time to writing also. Have a book on Amazon (A Grave above Ground) and intend to put another on very shortly (Don’t Call me Lebohang). Unfortunately no success with publishing houses.
    I was fascinated by your Beginnings. You make history so absolutely palatable and have magnificently woven the main thread of your story with the past. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thank you!
    Best regards, Diana Hutton

  3. Hello Diana. So interesting to hear from you and about you… and thank you so much for your kind words about “Beginnings”. I am so glad you enjoyed it and that is especially important for me not only because you have such a close relationship with Spain – 45 years!!!!! (of course I would love it to be translated into Spanish sometime) – but also because of “where I am at” just at this moment. One goes through periods when one feels less confident about what one is trying to do as a writer and questions it all, especially as recently, while “working on” the sequel to Beginnings, I have been also dabbling in short stories and researching a memoir, as well as committing quite a bit of time to lots of reading and editing etc for our small family publishing company – so even the blog has been neglected … Well thank you again for contacting me. I have started to have a little look at “A Grave Above Ground” and will email you separately very soon on your hotmail address. … All the best .. Gary.

  4. Many thanks Gary. I completely understand that feeling of “less confidence” about one’s work, but you are obviously so persistent and have opened many doors, so perhaps if the confidence goes out through one of them, it may well enter through another! Had I written anything as superb as Beginnings I think my confidence would be “en las nubes” as the Spaniards say! I have also done an autobiography and another long book about all the different homes I have lived in. Now I feel that I have laid my past ghosts and am currently involved in another novel.
    In the meantime I shall give some thought to a Spanish translation of Beginnings. It is a mammoth job, but perhaps I could consider it in collaboration with a Spanish native translator. I don’t know. No promises.
    Talking of sequels, I await Hilary Mantel’s third of her trilogy on Thomas Cromwell. Don’t know if you have read her, but well, well worthwhile.
    I fear that A Grave above Ground may not quite be your sort of reading, but I very much appreciate your having a look at it and would be most grateful for any praise or criticism that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and …. thanks … Diana.

  5. Hi Diana, I”m a bit more than one-third through “A Grave Above Ground” and really very impressed with it though it’s a bit emotionally hard to take in parts. It’s compelling, powerful and really well written. I have some ideas but think I should finish the whole book first. One possible question concerns the decision not to break the book into chapters – if intentional it is a brave choice. I tried to email you but seem to have lost your email address and am not sure that I got through. You can contact me on authorgary@heilbronnprofessional.org. All the best .. Gary

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