Welcome: A Transient’s Perspective On The Past and Present

Hi!  I’m Gary Heilbronn.  Welcome to my Blog.  …….

What I talk about … at least most of the time, is  the sorts of issues that are taking my fancy or bothering me at the time!   Hopefully some might interest or entertain you too.   Occasionally,  I probably won’t be able to help myself  mentioning my writing projects, especially the fiction ones … (“Recent Posts” listed to the right  .. or  ..  “All Posts”  just above)  By the way, I’m not as sour as I look in this photo!


I may also to talk about other stuff, some of it that comes up when I’m “putting pen to paper”. I’m now  writing a memoir on the fifties and dogs and how we don’t always treat them as well as they treat us.   But I better warn you: that’s not all! Sometimes I expect that I won’t be able to avoid saying something about other writing activities – researching and writing new editions etc of books I wrote during my academic and professional career as a lawyer and professor (click on “Non-Fiction” just above).    … Amongst them are some books I’ve written on aviation and litigation and criminal trials and how they work.  So I may occasionally feel the need to talk about crime and punishment, criminology, justice, politics, social and economic issues which I believe are usually closely inter-connected.   

Of course, I’m happy to hear sensible comments, jokes and other funny stories and even constructive advice!  I’ll try to reply!
If you’d like to follow this blog, click on the “Sign up by email” or “RSS” box or perhaps my comments on Twitter @GaryHeilbronn.I will only be posting on this blog every week or so.  So hopefully you’ll not feel that you’re hearing too much from me.

3 thoughts on “Welcome: A Transient’s Perspective On The Past and Present

  1. Thank you so much Taylor for your kind words and thoughts. I’ll try to comply with the requirements set out. Some are easy, like answering the questions. The nominating of ten other appropriate bloggers may take me a litle longer.

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