Are there rules for writing fiction?

A dozen authors tell us as it is…  Ten rules for writing fiction?

Gary at work in Phnom Phen

Gary at work in Phnom Phen

I like Anne Enright’s 3rd rule:

“Only bad writers think that their work is really good.”


Roddy Doyle’s  9th rule:

“Do not search for the book you haven’t written yet.”


NEXT ….. A Memoir

Making quite a bit of progress on my present writing project…   What’s it about?  Not easy to say, but its a moving and gently humorous insight into growing up in the 1950s in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane, Australia and now, slowing down in south-west France.  But it’s also about my turbulent and sometimes heart-breaking relationships with two dogs in particular:  a neurotic border collie-kelpie cross who was my childhood companion until ….  and another one, an aggressive schnauzer, now “on his way out” and my companion for better or for worse in older age until …    Hey! it’s a “memoir”…….



Where A Life Begins …Out soon


An epic action-packed novel with a vast historical sweep of thousands of years filled to the brim with powerful characters, violence, true historical detail and multi-layered themes of love, hate, murder, revenge and political intrigue. The story is set in post Spanish Civil War Basque country but explores lesser known events during the late stone-age, Phoenician exploration, Carthaginian conquest, Visigoth rule and the Spanish inquisition. approx 490 pages.

available free for pre-publication review. See contact page.