Serialized Version of “BEGINNINGS” now available – First Instalment FREE HERE

The serialized version of             BEGINNINGS: Where A Life Begins  …. Tales of Survival and Revenge ….      is now available on AMAZON and on LeLivroBeta   in 6 (six) instalments.                                                  EACH INSTALMENT IS A STAND-ALONE SHORT NOVEL.

Click here to GET THE FIRST INSTALMENT FREE !!!!!    from LelivroBeta.    So only if you like it do you move on to the next instalments!!!

BEGINNINGS : Where A Life Begins …………………..An epic action-packed novel set around the escape of a talented but troubled young mother and her unusually perceptive daughter from the violence of fascist Spain at the end of its bloody civil war and their struggle to make a new life in southwest France. The next two decades bring war, Nazi occupation, political unrest, the birth of the Basque terrorist movement and the appearance of an undercover Franco military officer seeking revenge for millennia-old grievance. Exploring a vast historical sweep of thousands of years down to the present , it is filled to the brim with powerful characters, violence, romance, true historical detail, multi-layered themes of love, hate, murder, revenge and political intrigue as well as a dose of science, myth and mystery.

A FREE copy of the First Instalment ..  I. GENESIS and REVENGE is now available.  It is the story of violence, heartbreak and the genesis of a bitter cycle of murder and revenge around the Basque country in Spain.  EACH INSTALMENT IS A STAND-ALONE SHORT NOVEL.

AMAZON cover1_enamed

In this FIRST instalment, “I. GENESIS and RESURRECTION”, the story begins with Maria – alone, heavily pregnant and with her baby son in her arms – desperately fleeing the persecution inflicted on her people by the Fascist dictator Franco at the end of the Spanish civil war. On her escape into France, her infant son is the victim of a callous border guard but she and her unborn daughter are saved by an unknown assassin; both actions echoing past and future violence and vengeance. The trauma sends the unborn child’s mind deep into the past where a horrible crime against her ancestors in prehistoric times hints at the genesis of otherwise inexplicable hatred and violence that have often re-surfaced down through the centuries. Back in Bayonne, Maria buries her infant son in a world of self-recriminations. It is only through communion with her unborn child and a new friend that she begins to face life again, but unaware of just how dangerous the birth of her new child may turn out to be.


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