Self Publishing: the Untold Story

The  last few weeks have been hectic. Days have been spent on ” silly stuff”. I’ve been thousand of miles from home and still working on my books.  I published the 6 instalments of BEGINNINGS in its serialized version. They were uploaded to Amazon and all that went pretty easily (see below) until I wanted to do some slight updating to the text of one of them … and that proved problematic.  I still haven’t sorted out what went wrong. Perhaps its not Amazon’s fault but something to do with the creation of zipped files that I have not yet mastered (but Amazon’s “help” people were not that helpful) …. very frustrating.  At least, uploading the ePub, mobi and .pdf files created through Calibre to LeLivroBeta has run more smoothly.

Then, given the predictably underwhelming lack of interest in my serialized version of BEGINNINGS, I thought I’d upload the full 450 page novel to IBooks and Smashwords. Well, IBooks was reasonably smooth-going – got the account and all that created after a reasonable amount of messing around – until it turned out that I couldn’t upload from an IPad but had to upload from a Mac I didn’t have (see below) .. so more urgently, I set about uploading to Smashwords to get into all the retail outlets.  That went well until their inhouse conversion tool “Meatgrinder” started spitting up errors that hadn’t appeared when I created the Amazon Kindle versions   …. so a whole lot of reformatting – limited fonts are acceptable –  was needed and especially a re-doing of the Table of Contents as that is a serious source of errors for the ePub (Ipad etc) version.

It still has not all been sorted out and I am awaiting Smashwords’ confirmation that I’m in their Premium Catalogue (which if you are not, it seems, you should pretty well give up.

Well, very many hours and days have been taken up with all this adminstrative and technical stuff … and you’re right .. I’d much rather have been writing than figuring out all this. Now maybe you could pay someone else do do this soul-destroying stuff but I’m not yet so confident that I’d sell enough to cover costs – the most critical issue in self-publishing; at least in my mind.

Now maybe others have had easier paths through these systems. Please let me know if you have.


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