Want to Give E_books as a Christmas Present?

santamerrygreenFDPWith Christmas almost upon us, I started to think about how I can give an e_book as a present (more specifically one of my own eg BEGINNINGS: Where A Life Begins). Of course it does help to know whether the intended recipient of your book has a Kindle (which reads .mobi formatted book files) … or … an iPad, Kobo, Nook or Sony e_Reader (which all usually use .ePub formatted book files)

Now of course you can go to Amazon and buy a Gift Certificate for any Amazon product including for e_books. Or there are specific Gift Cards available (see below).  But it’s a it impersonal and not like giving a book itself. So what do you do? It can be a little complicated, but …

First you have to download the book from whichever on-line retailer you choose. And there are many including new “start ups” such as LelivroBeta. Hopefully you’ll know if your gift recipient has a Kindle (download the .mobi file) or some other type of e_Reader (download the .ePub file).

Second, send off the downloaded file to your recipient by email as an attachment.  It seems that iPads and iPhones are the easiest to send e_books to as when the recipients open the emails, they get asked whether they want to open the attachment in “iBook’s” or as a “.pdf file”.  It’s better in iBooks so hopefully they have it on their Ipad or Iphone.

With the Kindle, you do much the same except you can’t send the .mobi book file direct to the person’s Kindle email address (that is, Xxx.XXXXX@Kindle.com) unless your own email address is listed on their Kindle account as authorized to send personal documents to their Kindle. That won’t usually be the case. ……  But the Kindle owner’s own email address (the one that Amazon uses to send emails to them) probably will be and the Kindle owner can either download it to their own computer and “sync” the Kindle to it OR forward the file themselves to their own Kindle.  Much the same can be done with .ePub files sent to Kobo .. and though I don’t know for certain, probably also with Sony’s and Nooks. So probably your email with the book attachment should include the instruction to “download the attached file and sync the e_Reader to the computer or email direct to the e_reader” .  Yes, it’s not as easy as with the iPad etc.

This system should work and if anyone finds it doesn’t or has a better system or more information on Nooks and Sonys E_readers …  PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!


3 thoughts on “Want to Give E_books as a Christmas Present?

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