A gripping sci-fi thriller romance and a great read

ALifetimeToWait-Cvr“A Lifetime to Wait” is the fast-paced and exciting second novel in “The Darkest Series” by Jackie Mae.  That’s a name you’re sure to remember and the author’s very original fusion of a sci-fi thriller  and romance is sure to be a hit with these big reader- markets . You’ll find it on Amazon

“The Ones” is the first book in the series  and introduces a violent and seemingly sociopathic breed of extraterrestrial outcasts living almost unnoticeably amongst us on earth; and they make a chilling re-appearance in Jackie Mae’s follow-up.  And there’s another one to come: “Hope and Destiny” that we get a sample of at the end of the second book. It’s another one to look forward to.

Jackie Mae has a great talent for creating suspense with an edgy narrative style and right from the get-go, we are plunged into the depths of her heroine, Brook’s frantic attempt to escape from unknown pursuers. She gets unwelcome help from her would-be protector, Dragone, a trained assassin working for the rebellion against a world ‘take-over’ being engineered by a renegade branch of the Ones.  Unsurprisingly, Brooke takes some time and quite a bit of brutality before she accepts the reality of what is quietly happening in the world though a conspiracy of  scientists, high-ranking military officers and politicians.

Jackie Mae tells an exciting and entertaining tale that holds together very well and keeps the reader glued to its pages.  I could undertand many readers not wanting to put the book down until its explosive conclusion.  Jackie Mae doesn’t just  rely on a thrilling storyline but delves into the complexity of its main characters and their emerging love story.  The book is well written and conceived, entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking. For that alone, it deserves its 5 star rating and is highly recommended; so we can easily forgive the occasional lapse of polish that a little more editing might have brought to it. “A Lifetime to Wait” is a great read and “The Darkest Series”  deserves to be a great success, especially with fans of the sci-fi, thriller, romance genre.


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