a thought for what’s going on in the world


        I was just thinking about what’s happening in the world  and these thoughts came to mind ….

If there has to be anger, let’s turn it against ALL political & religious extremists – Christians, Jews and Muslims …


An Elegy to Extremists: Whoever You Are


If there was no Israel who would you hate;
Whoever stands in the way of your Caliphate? rabi Menachem Froman
Is all you want just a small strip of land?
Or is it all our souls in your bloody hands?

If there’s no Jews would Christians be the target?

Their churches to be burned and their lives all forfeit?

And you’d respect their human rights and their freedoms?

Allow them their values, their ideals and their reasons?

Is love for all God’s children anywhere in your tomes?


Or is it that  infidels are to be beheaded or stoned?
Should your cynical tactics and propaganda cause fear
As they turn the minds of so many kind people who care?
We’ve seen in the thirties how facism took hold
History’s lessons forgotten; people believing what their told?
Should we be grateful for those opposing your dreams;
Your self-interested theories, religous extremes?

Having resisted the call of older and more caring creeds;

Not now to align myself with fanatics wanting only to breed
Hatred and fear clothed in feigned love of your brothers.
You don’t want peace; you profit from the pain of others.©


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