Rodeo Multiple Murder! Who’d Believe It?

Look, I am keen on e_book fiction… not because I’ve traditionally  published a “clutch” of books (academic) with up-market publishers who’ve basically wasted my time .. but maybe it’s because I really appreciate the anarchy of self-publishing  … anyway enough of my prejudices .. let me tell you about  HUNG UP IN BEMIDJI  …by Kathy Cohen.

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It’s  based in a rodeo  .. and though I’ve been to a few, I never thought I’d find it fascinating .. but Kathy Cohen does just that without even trying .. and really it’s just the background … it’s the human interest stories of Cooper Lydell and his “bull rider” son and his eclectic band of fellow travellers who make it a really enjoyable and sometimes funny double murder mystery in the arid back-drop of Minnesota (or was it Iowa) or somewhere like that  … but it could be western Queensland or New South Wales in outback Australia …     The story starts of slow as it should… and picks up pace as the reluctant hero finally accepts his role as private detective and in an inimitable beginner’s fashion almost gets himself killed in solving the murder!  Full of down-to-earth characters that you’ve got to love  and a bunch of “baddies” not all of whom are likely  murder suspects.. A very good read .. highly recommended..


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