3 Novels by Ann Massey – Something For Everyone

If you haven’t read any of Ann Massey’s books, you should give them a try.  They’re all a good read and quite different. You can find them on Amazon.  Ann has a new novel coming out soon.. this time it’s humour: The Little Dog Laughed.  It sounds as though it’s completely different too.  On her Facebook page, Ann says

The hero, Spartacus aka Sparky (BLESS HIM), is off on a time travel adventure in Roman-occupied Briton.”

Ann Massey is an Australian author living in Perth, Western Australia – the far south-west corner of the continent. It’s a state that, at a guess, makes up almost two-thirds of Australia and probably 95 percent of it is desert. It’s a pretty bleak environment but down in the civilized corner, money talks. And the people there love it.  Here are my reviews of  the three of Ann’s novels that I’ve read and enjoyed…

Product DetailsThe Biocide Conspiracy: This was the third book by Anne Massey that I have read – it was her first novel and without underrating the other two which I very much enjoyed, I think it is the best! Good story, great plot and characterization, and well written. Yes, it’s about biological weapons of mass destruction but like Anne Massey’s other novels, its also really about people and important social issues … especially the young and how easy it is for them to get into trouble and how an uninspired legal system and an unforgiving society, especially those uprighteous, self-satisfied members of the affluent middle class, are all too ready to see the worst in everybody except themselves. The story revolves around secret biological experiments on an international space station that crash-lands in the middle of the desert in Western Australia bringing with it lots of action as a young offender from the city on probation and a nerdy young local girl see conspiracies everywhere and go through trials and tribulations in trying to outwit a violent group of soldiers of fortune looking to sell the WMD to a foreign terrorist state. Lots of local scenery and insights into the hardship of life where tough old farmers eke out an existence in the vast open spaces of arid Western Australia.

Salvation Jane:  This is the story of an ordinary, not so young woman’s emotional growth from rather shallow materialism to Product Detailsa thinking, caring human being. But it’s more than that. It’s also a comment on a cynical politics, greedy corporations and the realities of social conscience in the western world. Everyoned needs to read this … it also paints a telling picture of the Australian social landscape at the beginning of the 21st century…. Now I’m a bit of a sucker for novels with a message – an
essential ingredient of a good novel in my view – and this message is so important as the the mass media (owned by the rich) does nothing but magnify the myth that the poor and homeless are that way because of their own fault and laziness. This book sets the story straight. It doesn’t glorify the homeless but in an intelligent and balanced way, it juxtaposes the plight of the poor with the soul-less selfishness of the rich corporate and political class (a misnomer as “class” is one thing they lack). You’ll enjoy it!

Product DetailsThe White Amah: This is the second Ann Massey novel I read and very much enjoyed. It tells the story of a rather unpleasant and ambitious young woman who seems to stop at nothing to build a career as a rock star… Ann Massey does a great job of juxtaposing the rise of this totally selfish young woman to riches and fame with the gentler path of the hapless baby she abandons to life as an orphan in rural south-east Asia …. at least until their paths eventually cross. Gangsters, toffs, celebrities and greedy corporate interest litter the scene .. and there is subtle social commentary as one expects from Ann Massey. A gripping read.


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