“Freebies” If I could?

Marketing is a pretty cunning activity as any ” Indie” author already knows  … or certainly soon finds out, especially if you read books like “The Brain Sell” by David Lewis; and see what lengths the marketing people are going to in order to harness our emotions and persuade us to buy “something”  .. or anything!

What about “freebies”?

However, I was amazed recently by an Indie author I spoke to …… on-line, not in real life (who actually talks to anyone face-to-face these days?) … and she told me that out of 33,000 downloads of her e_book, there were 29,000 give-aways!   Whoa! I thought to myself .. that’s still 4,000 sales which isn’t too bad .. and .. with all those “freebies” she was certainly getting her name around.

….. Incidentally, another useful way to do that seems to be through the About Me network!

cover3Now with all the restrictions Amazon and other distributors impose on their authors, offering “give-aways” is pretty difficult, except perhaps through Google Play: Books – but I’ve found their site and distribution quite complicated to manage –  so I haven’t yet been able to sort out such massive free download possibilitites …

But I thought I’d do what I could,  to the extent possible through the traditional e_book distributors of Amazon and Smashwords (including retailers from iTunes  and Barns&Noble to Flipkart in India), and the best I could do was to try “0.99cents” … worldwide …  Looking forward to seeing what impact that has!

“BEGINNINGS” …March Only Promotion 0.99cents!

Of course, I also try to promote other “Indie” authors whenever I can … and still keep hoping they’ll help promote my books as well…


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