About Gary

A bit of personal stuff!

Who’s this “Gary” guy?  It’s me. I’m someone who has been wanting to write fiction for decades.. since I was a youngster; but I got caught up in having a proper career. Even when I was a young criminal lawyer, I started to write screenplays for a TV crime series .. but never finished .. I was moving too fast in those days.  Shortly after that I started to write fantasy and that went the way of the  other attempts …. I thought I won’t really have anything to say until I’m 40.  Then my career as an law academic took off and I wrote lots of law textbooks for students and professionals  …. when I tried to “chuck-in” all that and sail the South China Seas, I  started writing again but this time “adventure” with a big “sailing on the high seas” element … I still have the handwrittten journals  .. will they ever come to fruition? Who knows?   But several years later I began to transfer the dedication, perseverence and other skills I learned as a university and professional textbook-writer to novels … true, getting “dialogue” right has been a constant battle ..  there ain’t none in textbooks, though I published a few one-act plays in the meantime …….  so I’m still learning ………


Gary is now devoting most of his time to writing fiction.  The first is an historical novel and a sequel is planned. At the moment he is writing a memoir.  He has published some twenty or thirty academic books, if you count new editions and joint authorships, and many academic articles etc. They have been in the field of aviation, travel and tourism law and criminal and civil litigation and have usually been published under the name Gary N Heilbronn. He is widely recognized as an international authority in his areas of expertise.

Gary has also written and a few one-act plays but his first novel is “Where A Life Begins”. It is a bit over 490 pages and is an epic action-packed novel with a vast historical sweep of thousands of years filled to the brim with powerful characters, violence, true historical detail and multi-layered themes of love, hate, murder, revenge and political intrigue. The story is set in post Spanish Civil War Basque country but explores lesser known events during the late stone-age, Phoenician exploration, Carthaginian conquest, Visigoth rule and the Spanish inquisition. A follow-up to this novel is soon to be started, but in the meantime The memoir Gary is now writing is a touching insight into his early life in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, Australia in the 1950s and a funny and sometimes heartbreaking tale of some of the dogs who have been part of his life.

Gary was born in Australia; studied literature, politics and law. He trained as a lawyer; worked mainly in criminal and civil litigation in Queensland and in Victoria. He specialized in criminology and in aviation through various postgraduate work and completed his Ph.D. and became a law professor. Gary worked in Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong. He gave it up to sail the South China Seas, then returned to live in south west France where he and his family raise horses and have a few dogs when he’s not writing. Gary is a bit of a sports fan, especially rugby. He has two children, living between France and Australia, and two grandchildren.  


6 thoughts on “About Gary

  1. Hi Gary. Ian Hodgetts here: had lunch with Bob Hunter on Friday and he mentioned you’d written a novel; so on a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d “google” you to try to track it down – and I have. Now to see if I can get it from iBooks. Hope you’re well. Best regards. Ian

  2. Hi Gary
    It is you, isn’t it? You have had an interesting life by the sounds of it. I’d love to chat some more …

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