Brief Extracts: Reviews & Books


some extracts from reviews of BEGINNINGS

“ … a fast-paced work of historical fiction…”

“I found it to be a very easy read and I was fascinated by the stories of the distant and not so distant past and how they were interwoven with Maria’s story throughout.”

“ It is an intriguing and fateful road on which we follow Maria and Anna on their life journey in this exotic adventure.”

“Gary Heilbronn’s erudite style makes for easy and gripping reading ..”

“A curious and challenging idea is explored in the context of a finely woven story.”

“ .. a great and absorbing way to learn some fascinating history  “

“… an ambitious, multi-layered novel about the workings of genetic memory through many generations of women. The novel deserves a wide readership not only because of its original and audacious premise, but because each historical episode is vividly imagined, and the female characters, linked in ways they recognize but do not fully understand, are remarkable inventions in themselves.”

“..the book spans many generations of people living in the area and tells their tales in a way that educates without one being aware that this is what is happening.”

“The story is thoroughly engaging, at times graphic and at times tender and at times confronting. Very much worth the read.”




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